"I found out that everyone will get help here" - Ania, a CZP patient in Wrocław

"About the CZP point at ul. I heard Bończyk on local television, I found out that everyone will get help there, not only a person who has mental problems can come forward, but also people who are concerned about the health of their relatives, which may be psychological, "says Ania, a patient of the Mental Health Center in Wrocław, who was concerned about her daughter's mental health.

“I decided to visit CZP, I live in the neighborhood and, what's important to me, I didn't have to wait long. I noticed that my adult daughter has problems with accepting her appearance, especially her weight, she exercises intensively, runs, limits her meals, and uses fancy diets. I became very concerned when I discovered that my daughter was taking laxatives. The conversation with the doctor confirmed my fears and suspicions of anorexia, but also calmed me down. I received information on how I should talk to my daughter in order to make her aware of the problem and encourage her to start therapy "

ANIA, eating disorders


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