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Patient rights under the Mental Health Act 1994

A patient with a mental disorder, mentally ill or mentally retarded has the right to:

1.free health services provided to him by public psychiatric healthcare institutions - art. 10 sec. 1,

2.free medicines and sanitary articles as well as rooms and meals, if he / she stays in a psychiatric hospital which is a public health care institution - art. 10 sec. 2,

3. to provide him with the type of treatment methods appropriate not only for health purposes, but also in view of his interests and other personal interests, and to strive to improve his health in a way that is least burdensome for the patient - art. 12,

4. unlimited communication with family and other people when staying in a psychiatric hospital or a social welfare home - art. 13,

5. application for periodic stay outside the hospital without leaving the hospital - art. 14,

6. to warn him of the intention to use direct coercion against him; allowing the application of this measure to a patient must result from the Act - Art. 18,

7. warnings about the intention to conduct a psychiatric examination without his consent and giving reasons for such a decision; such examination may be carried out if the patient's behavior indicates that due to mental disorders it may directly threaten his own life or the life or health of other people, or is incapable of satisfying basic life needs - Art. 21 paragraph 1 and 2,

8. expressing consent or refusing admission to a psychiatric hospital, except where the provisions of the Act allow admission to a psychiatric hospital without the patient's consent - Art. 22 sec. 1 and art. 23, 24 and 29,

9. informing and explaining to him by a doctor the reasons for admission to a psychiatric hospital in a situation where he did not consent to it, and obtaining information about his rights in this situation - art. 23 sec. 3,

10. withdrawal of previously expressed consent to be admitted to a psychiatric hospital - Art. 28,

11. necessary treatment activities aimed at removing the reason for admitting him to the hospital without his consent and familiarizing him with the planned treatment procedures - art. 33 paragraph 1 and 2,

12. discharge from a psychiatric hospital, if he / she remains there without giving his consent, if the reasons for his / her admission and stay in a psychiatric hospital have ceased to exist without such consent - Art. 35 section 1,

13. stay in hospital in the situation referred to in point 17, with his later consent, if, in the doctor's opinion, his further stay in this hospital is intentional - Art. 35 sec. 2,

14. submission, in any form, of an application for an order to be released from a psychiatric hospital - Art. 36 sec. 1,

15. to apply to the guardianship court for an order to discharge from a psychiatric hospital after the refusal to discharge from the hospital upon the request referred to in point 19 - Art. 36 sec. 3,

16. information on the date and method of submitting the application to the guardianship court referred to in point 20 - art. 36 sec. 3,

17. submitting an application for the appointment of a probation officer, if, while in a psychiatric hospital, he / she needs help to conduct all his / her affairs, or cases of a specific type - art. 44 sec. 1 and has the right to have persons performing activities under the Act kept secret everything that concerns him, and about which they learned about when performing activities resulting from the Act - Art. 50 paragraph 1.


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