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After two years of the pandemic, the main driving force behind the movement is mental health

65 percent Poles declare that they undertake physical activity at least once a month - according to the MultiSport Index 2022 study. This is exactly the same percentage as before the pandemic and slightly lower than a year ago. Walks and training in fitness clubs are now more popular. Young people aged 18–24, mostly male, professionally active, from larger cities, exercise mainly. This does not mean, however, that the situation is good, because only two out of five Poles fulfill the recommendations of the World Health Organization regarding physical activity. For the first time in the history of the study, the main motivator that prompts Poles to play sports is the need to take care of their mental health and mental well-being.

The latest edition of the cyclical MultiSport Index survey shows that after two years of a pandemic, 65 percent Poles declare that they undertake physical activity at least once a month. This means a decrease by 3 percentage points. compared to the data from the previous year (68%) and at the same time a return to the values from before the outbreak of the pandemic. Most of all, young people exercise. In the 18–24 age group, 78% are active. people, mostly men. There are also more active people among the employed (70%) and from larger cities with more than 200,000 inhabitants. inhabitants (75 percent)

Importantly, the MultiSport Index 2022 shows that for the first time in the history of this study, the main motivator that prompts Poles to be active is the need to take care of their mental health. Such a motivation was indicated by as many as 47 percent. physically active Poles. This factor turns out to be important especially for the generation of 30- and 40-year-olds.

The positive is that 28 percent. Poles who are physically active admit that they would like to exercise more often. This is also declared by 35 percent. people aged 18–64 who do not meet the WHO recommendations. Currently, the most popular activity among Poles is walking (32%, an increase by 7 percentage points compared to 2021). They even surpassed cycling, which has been in the first place for years (31%). The interest in swimming also returned to the pre-pandemic level (16%, an increase of 8 percentage points). In turn, every fifth physically active Pole (20%) chooses training in fitness clubs. After almost a year of closing sports and recreational facilities, it was the activity in fitness clubs, gyms and swimming pools that saw the greatest increase in popularity compared to 2021.

As experts emphasize, regularity in physical activity is key - not only for pro-health effects, but also for developing appropriate habits.

When introducing an active lifestyle, it is worth remembering that physical activity and forming it as a habit is a process. According to research, such a process can take from 18 to 254 days, which is quite a long time. In order to increase the chance of developing such a habit, it is worth remembering that physical activity is an investment. It will be of benefit to us over time as the health and psychological benefits come - adds a health psychologist from the SWPS University. - On the other hand, it is worth choosing a sport that will be pleasant for us and use the method of small steps. We should remember that when we try to introduce this activity, it is better not to set yourself high goals, so as not to experience frustration. Especially at the beginning of our adventure with activity, let's appreciate each training session and remember to praise ourselves.


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