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Am I mentally ill? Help Wroclaw

Are you facing anxiety attacks? Is your mood increasingly depressed? You do not feel good in your body and you have difficulty establishing social relationships? Some feelings and emotions that we cannot deal with in our lives disorganize our everyday life. In such moments, we feel that we are not able to deal with our problems alone. It may then be necessary to support specialists who will help us make the right medical diagnosis and determine whether the disorder we are facing is a mental illness.

You will receive urgent, free and without a referral support in Wrocław in a mental crisis at the Mental Health Center in Wrocław at ul. Bończyka 11-13 in Psie Pole and at ul. Korzeniowskiego 18. To arrange a free consultation with a specialist, call 690 021 404. Do you need support immediately? Call our free 24-hour hotline for people in mental crisis 502 203 202. We respond to every request.

Mental illness is defined as a state of distorted perception of reality. This false perception of the world and its experience leads to strange, unjustified behavior and actions. When the patient himself begins to notice that his behavior deviates from social norms, it is a good sign. Then, thanks to the awareness of his difficult mental situation, he is able to quickly use the help of specialists who will help him overcome the crisis. Unfortunately, sometimes adults are stuck in certain thought patterns, repetitive habits, life-ruining behaviors for years and do not want to undergo a diagnosis in terms of whether or not they have a mental illness.

Mental illness does not always manifest itself in the erroneous perception of reality, but it is certainly associated with the enormity of suffering that the patient experiences. Therefore, only treatment allows mentally ill people to lead a normal life. The symptoms of mental illness largely depend on what illness the person suffers from.

What are the symptoms of a mental illness?

  • Reality is confused with delusions
  • The suffering of the patient is great
  • Thinking disorder, jumping to unrelated threads, obsessive thoughts
  • False beliefs that a person cannot move away from despite refuting them with rational arguments
  • Inappropriate emotional states - sudden outbursts of anger, aggression, laughter, prolonged sadness or fear
  • Social separation

What can we do as relatives?

If we notice that our loved ones are struggling with disorders that may indicate mental illness, let us not try to diagnose specific disease entities. Only experienced experts - psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists and psychotherapists are able to recognize and diagnose the disease and help in suffering. Let's first try to get to know the thoughts of the sick person and not negate his feelings. The words "I am", "how can I help you?" sometimes they are enough to convince a person close to us to provide us with information about their problems. Our main task is to persuade the sick person to take advantage of a psychological consultation, which will be the first step towards starting treatment. You will receive free and professional psychological help in any mental crisis at the Mental Health Center in Wrocław (tel. 690 021 404).

Let us remember that mental illnesses lead to difficult and sometimes irreversible changes in the brain. Very often, the patient does not show specific symptoms that accompany his disease, despite the fact that it develops over the years. Therefore, do not underestimate the first symptoms of the disease, even if they seem trivial to us.

Where to go for help? Mental illness help Wroclaw

If you suspect that you or someone close to you is suffering from a mental illness, call the free 24-hour helpline 502 203 202and our specialists will plan a visit to our Mental Health Center in Wrocław for you. All services are free of charge, visits are made without a referral, and in urgent cases we decide on assistance within 72 hours. If you cannot come in person, a mobile team will come to you! Visits are conducted with discretion and confidentiality. Remember! Time is of the essence in treating a disease. In our Mental Health Center in Wrocław, you will consult a psychiatrist and receive comprehensive assistance in the event of a suspected mental illness.


Free assistance 24h: 502 203 202

Call us and use the help of our Center if you need mental support!

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