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Mental illness knows no age or gender boundaries Mental Health Center in Wrocław

Welcome to the Psie Pole Mental Health Center in Wrocław! With us you will receive help instantly (up to 72 hours from notification), free of charge and without a referral. The Mental Health Center for adults is a place where every person, during and after a mental crisis, their family and loved ones can get support.

Call 502-203-202 - free, 24/7 helpline

CZP consultation points are located in two locations:

1. Street Wybrzeże Józefa Conrada-Korzeniowskiego 18, 50-226 Wrocław open: Monday - Friday 8.00-18.00 phone: 572 289 848 mail: czp@dczp.wroclaw.pl

2. Street Fr. Norberta Bończyka 11-13, Wrocław, Psie Pole, 50-438 Wrocław open: Monday - Friday 8.00-18.00 phone: 690 021 404 mail: czp@dczp.wroclaw.pl


Free assistance 24h: 502 203 202

Call us and use the help of our Center if you need mental support!

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Borderline Personality Disorder – Am I Living Too Much? Mental Health Center in Wrocław

Borderline personality disorder, the literal translation of "borderline personality disorder", is characterized by an extremely strong desire for a very close, exclusive relationship with a loved one. At the same time, this relationship is accompanied by a specific fear of being "absorbed" by a given person and, on the other hand, of being abandoned by that person....

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