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A healthy senior is a safe senior - report from the workshop

Seniors are the group most vulnerable to potential scammers. Deceived and robbed, they often fall into states of apathy and depression. Legal workshops related to free legal protection insurance for seniors were held at the Mental Health Center Wrocław-Psie Pole.

Victims of criminals are not only elderly, lonely people, but also people who are active in the local community on a daily basis, who succumb to manipulation and finally allow themselves to be robbed. Deprived of their last savings, they are ashamed to tell their relatives about it. They are left alone with a big problem, not only financial. They start to be afraid of people, isolate. And that's a long way from depression.

Despite such a large scale of fraud, there is a lack of comprehensive legal assistance in combating dishonest market fraudsters. Therefore, the project of free group insurance for seniors, in addition to its educational and information function, was aimed at providing them with legal protection. The workshops were organized and financed by the Foundation I support Lower Silesia, whose president is Grzegorz Prigan. The Foundation also paid the contribution thanks to financial support from the Polish Development Fund Foundation.

Approximately 15 people attended the workshop in May. Ewelina Szklarek, advocate trainee speaker, explained what Legal Protection Insurance is, which provides assistance when a lawyer's advice or intervention is needed, because the insurer covers the reasonable costs of legal advice and possible pre-litigation or court proceedings. She explained when you can use it, how to report the need for insurance and what documents you will need.

During the workshop, the lecturer drew attention to legal situations that occur in everyday life, e.g. in the field of criminal law - fraud, harassment or civil law - flooding the apartment, breach of contracts, and advised how to act in such situations.

By joining the insurance, legal situations from everyday life can be consulted with lawyers free of charge, and thus seniors will be able to feel safer.

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