Stories from cards - Magda Wieteska

Participants of Creative Writing classes composed stories based on three selected metaphorical cards. It was not easy, because the stories had to include additional words not related to the subject of the cards: "hairdresser, Adaś, iron". How did it work? We invite you to read!

Adventure of the sun
Adaś, the hairdresser, saw the worried sun in the early morning. He asked why it was sad. The sun said there was no one to shine on because everyone was hiding under umbrellas even though there was no rain. Adaś explained that they all went to the Amusement Park. The sun got even sadder because it wanted to be there too. The ingenious Adaś bought an iron for tokens and suggested that the sun blush for a moment. The happy sun had a great time on the carousel. At that time, large ants fought with each other for the glare of the sun, which was reflected by the mountain of gold. The sun accidentally saw the ongoing battle, took offense and hid behind the clouds. From then on, the city was dark. Despite the difficulties, the barber offered sad people to shine from his mirrors

Authors: Agata, Patricia

school love
Adaś has been fond of playing chess since he was a child. When he grew up, he met Kasia, also a talented chess player. They met every day for a game at the chess club. It was there that the love blossomed between them, which resulted in the decision to get married.
Preparations for the solemn ceremony were underway, many guests were invited, who generously gave the newlyweds gifts. Adam was most pleased with a large bundle of banknotes, and Kasia - a modern iron that ironed and mangled itself. She hated ironing, and the mere thought of doing so filled her with uncontrollable repugnance.
The wedding was very successful, the party lasted until dawn, the bride and groom and guests had a great time. Nothing foreshadowed the coming catastrophe. A few days after the wedding, Kasia met her school love in "Biedronka". It was Grzegorz - a well-built and incredibly handsome hairdresser of a renowned gallery, and at the same time gaining popularity as the host of a television program devoted to the secrets of the erotic life of master scissors. Kasia, as soon as she saw Grzegorz in the shopping alley, stopped as if enchanted. She succumbed to the charm and arranged a date with Grzegorz, or to be more precise, she proposed it herself. She didn't recognize herself, couldn't stop the feeling growing inside her. She turned off her reason and let her instinct guide her. She only dreamed of Grzegorz and his scissors. They met the next day, and it was as before, like at school - light, pleasant, romantic. Completely different than with the boring, analytical and painfully organized Adam.
Adam found out about the fateful meeting in Biedronka. He arranged a wild brawl for Kasia, during which new plates and glasses were put into motion. After this outburst, he completely broke down, became more and more sad, and finally became depressed.
How will their future turn out? Will they get back together? This is not known. It is known, however, that when Kasia moved out to Grzegorz, she took the iron with her.

Authors: Basia, Karolina

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