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Narcissistic disorders are a source of suffering for the person who experiences them. Narcissistic disorders consist in a drastic difference between how a person presents himself on the outside and what image he creates, and how he actually experiences himself on the inside. This is a deep conviction, often unaware of our own vanity and inadequacy, very depressing in nature, but at the same time it is wrapped in a kind of "gold" in the form of how great we will present ourselves to the world and how much success we will achieve. People with narcissistic personality disorder are able to do a lot to keep this self-image out, which is also a source of suffering for those in relationships with them.

Narcissistic personality disorders are a reason to start psychodynamic, long-term, relationship-based therapy, where we can create a safe relational space for such a person and within this safe framework the patient can look at what is "under the shell", i.e. experience some access to these depressive feelings about oneself and reduce the differences between the image of self experienced by oneself and how it presents itself to the outside.

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You will receive urgent, free and without a referral support in Wrocław in a mental crisis at the Mental Health Center in Wrocław at ul. Bończyka 11-13 in Psie Pole and at ul. Korzeniowskiego 18. To arrange a free consultation with a specialist, call 690 021 404. Do you need support immediately? Call our free 24-hour hotline for people in mental crisis 502 203 202. We respond to every request.
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Dependent personality. What is it about?

Dependent personality is characterized by a way of entering into relationships and functioning of permanent patterns in which the patient is unable to function independently in the world and needs an "object" that will provide him with protection, a sense of security or a state in which he is able to function in everyday life. This is a kind of pathological dependence, which sometimes remains difficult to diagnose, e.g. for cultural reasons. We diagnose dependent personality in men differently, where a given patient is unable to function without a person who helps him meet his basic life needs, such as washing, ironing, cooking. Culturally, therefore, a certain lens is needed that makes us think differently about these diagnostic criteria.

Mixed personality disorder. What is this?

Mixed personality disorder is an extremely common diagnosis by psychiatrists. Then we are not able to clearly determine which personality disorder dominates in a given person. However, there are visible patterns in establishing relationships, their stability or thinking about oneself, which are disturbed and lead to suffering, but it is difficult to assess which of them manifest themselves the most.


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